3 Questions To Help With Your Solar Panel Installation

18 September 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


The availability of solar panels has led to many more homeowners installing them on their own. Although it is possible to do-it-yourself install, there are many considerations that are not made when professionals are left out of the process. If you are planning a solar panel installation at your home, here are some questions to ask before doing so:

What Is Your Roof's Condition?

Even though the solar panels are installed on top of the roof, many homeowners never take the time to properly assess the structure before the installation. Unfortunately, this can lead to several problems, including the failure of the roof and need for a complete replacement.

Ideally, a contractor should inspect your roof before the panels are installed. If you are planning to do it yourself, you need to evaluate the roof's durability, whether it can handle the additional weight from the solar panels, and the lifespan of the roof. You also need to consider if your home can handle the additional weight from both the roofing and the panels.

Is Sunlight Readily Available?

Solar panels are effective when they are exposed to direct sunlight. Some homeowners make the mistake of installing the panels in the location that they believe to be most aesthetically pleasing. However, that location and the best for obtaining sunlight is not always the same.

Your panels need to have an unobstructed view of the sky. This could mean that trees might have to be trimmed or removed or your satellite dish moved to another location. It could also mean that your panels are installed in a different location if the roof does not have a direct view of the sunlight.

What Features Do You Need?

Solar panels have evolved beyond the basic setup that many early users remember. There are features available that can add to the user experience and increase the amount of energy that is collected and could add to the savings you have.

For instance, the addition of trackers to your system will give the panels the ability to follow the sun. The result is even more energy generated. The additional features can add to the overall cost of installation, but you might find the energy savings worth it.

There are other questions you need to ask before installing solar panels. Talk to a professional installer to learn more and to get a good idea of what you need to make sure your installation is right.