Things To Know About Water Wells

10 September 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


A reliable and safe source of water is an essential element for any home. However, homeowners that live too far to be connected to the local water system can still enjoy water without having to use a delivery service through by having a water well drilled.

Appreciate The Unique Challenges During The Drilling Process

Prior to committing to having a water well drilled, you will need to have a fairly basic understanding about the challenges that can be posed during the process of drilling this type of well. It can be difficult to know the exact location of underground water sources without actually drilling into the ground. This can result in your contractor needing to drill several holes to find a water source that will be suitable for the home's needs. In addition to locating a source of underground water, your contractor will also need to ensure the soil is stable enough to be able to withstand the stress of this drilling without collapsing.

Understand The Steps For Addressing Routine Water Quality Issues

Water from a well will have a reputation for being of an extremely high quality. However, homeowners must understand that there are still some quality issues that this source of water may experience. One example will be contamination from chemicals and bacteria. It can be possible for these substances to enter the water source through seeping through the soil from septic system leaks and chemical additives to the ground. Additionally, excess minerals in the water source can make the water hard enough to damage the home's plumbing. Routine water testing will be critical for identifying these issues, and if you find that your water has these problems, you will need to install the appropriate filtration system to keep your water's quality as high as possible.

Have A Maintenance Plan For The Mechanical Parts Of The System

A well will need a series of mechanical components to pump the water from deep below the ground and force it through the home's plumbing. Regular care will be necessary to keep these mechanical components working effectively. Most homeowners will not have the knowledge or experience with these devices to effectively perform this maintenance. To avoid facing costly repairs due to maintenance related issues, you may want to retain a professional well contractor to perform this type of work on your unit. Having this maintenance done during the fall can be one of the ore effective ties of the year to do it as it will help to prepare the system for the cold temperatures and extreme conditions that can be experienced during the winter.